Dog Daycare

Your pup will love the non-stop attention and play, and you’ll love a well-socialized, tired dog at the end of a long day.

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Socialization and Exercise are Important to your Dog’s Health 


Dog Daycare at Bark & Lounge is a great way to ensure that your dog is getting activity and social stimulation. Whether you're busy during the day or feel that your dog could use more exercise, our daycare is a safe, supervised setting where your pup will receive lots of personal attention. 


For your pup’s safety, daycare is split into two groups: small dogs and large dogs. Daycare rooms are always monitored by multiple team members who are trained in aggression response to make sure everyone has their best day. 


Your pet's first day is an important step in ensuring the safety and happiness of both your furry friend and our dedicated staff. Throughout this introductory experience, we will carefully observe your pet's behavior in their kennel, their social interactions with fellow pets, and their engagement with our staff. Upon completing their first day, your pet will be ready to join us for regular services!


Please set aside an extra 10 minutes for the First Day Check-In, and ensure you send over vaccination records before drop-off or bring a copy of all current vet records (Rabies, Parvo-Distemper, and Bordetella), and complete an application for daycare. 



Bring your dog back to school!

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Book Your Pet's Daycare Visit

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Monday through Friday: 7 am – 7 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm

After a hard slobbery day of play, we suggest a bath. If you would like for us to bathe your dog, we’ll make your pooch hugging clean before you pick them up. The cost of the exit bath is $47 for a Small dog, $55 for a Medium dog, $61 for a Large dog and $70 for an XL dog.

Please note: there will be a $15 late fee charged for any dog remaining 15 minutes more. If the owner is late for 30 min or more for pick-ups, another boarding and daycare rate will be charged. 

We reserve the right to turn away any dog deemed aggressive toward people or another dog.


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The Importance of Socialization


Proper socialization with other dogs and other humans is critical to having a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted pet. With many people spending more time away from home, your furry family member may now be home alone for long periods of the day for the first time in a while. The stress of solitude can cause anti-social habits such as destructive chewing, persistent digging, excessive barking, or other signs of separation anxiety. Pets may also show signs of stress such as drooling, attempts to escape, and pacing.


If your pet is suffering from separation anxiety or simply the boredom of home isolation after many months of company, bring them to daycare with us! Daycare provides your loved one with the pack environment dogs are accustomed to, creating a trusted second home for your pet while you are away. Bringing your pup to daycare with us provides all the physical, mental, and social exercise your dog needs. Give us a call to learn more about the socialization benefits of daycare.